Tuesday, August 17, 2004

mrs hope was in hospital yesterday and last night for a wee operation. thanks to God, it went very well by all accounts, and although the feeling in her right leg didn't return until 4am today, she is now resting and recuperating at home.

two of our giant russian sunflowers have finally opened their faces to the world; the garden is now happily nodded at from a very great height. our tomatoes are ripening and our runner beans are going nuts - not long until our sweetcorn ripen and we gorge ourselves on that. which reminds me: my wife and i were taking the air on sunday evening and wandered down to the local allotments (it is the route mrs hope walks in to work). we saw an old fellow with two bags of produce from his patch, and i, spotting that he had sweetcorn in them, asked him how he knew they were ripe for harvesting. he didn't explain exactly, but happily showed us how ripe they were and insisted we take two of them to see for ourselves. so we had sweetcorn for tea on sunday, roasted in our chim. nice, eh?

Friday, August 13, 2004

went to see Spider-man 2 last night with mrs hope.

it was probably the best film i've seen for a while - even trumping the LOTR films. i used to collect spidey comics when i was a bairn, so i guess i've a soft spot for the webcrawler. what impressed me about this film was the vulnerability of the hero character, for whom everything seems to go wrong, precisely because of his efforts to do the right thing.

i was reminded of a talk given by dallas willard about how this is the crux of the human condition when separated from God - that each person does want to the the right thing, but also have a good life. it is the apparent incompatability of these two desires that leads to the individual choosing one aim over the other - tragically when one is separate from God, neither goal can be achieved.

anyway, for those that haven't seen the film, this human situation is very sensitively portrayed (albeit in Hollywood-action- hero-love-story terms), and a satisfying, but not cliched, 'wait-until-the-next-film-resolution' reached at the end of the film. well worth seeing if you haven't already.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

been a wee bit busy for a while, and a few people have commented about boy scouts, so i guess i should update this pesky thing.

apparently, i should have mentioned that on 9 April it was the 1st 'birthday' of this blog. well, i guess i have now.

as a 1 year old, it is now starting to throw a bit of a wobbly - anyone know what 'runtime errors' are? dunno if it pops up on you when you read this, but apparently lines 90 through to 230 are missing a few expected objects.

thunder and lightning and torrential rain outside at the moment. haven't had a chance to step outside for my lunch just yet, so i blog.

mrs hope and i have just watched the Blue Planet series by the Beeb. amazing stuff - and probably the only time you'll hear sir david attenborough say the word 'weird'.